Synergy PRO

Synergy 35PRO

Synergy 50PRO

Synergy 65PRO

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Synergy Pro is a series of chargeable Bluetooth loudspeakers which feature both warm LED lighting and an ingenious, multifunctional compartment. Synergy delivers high quality audio with an effortless sync to any compatible Bluetooth device. The Synergy Pro is capable of pairing as many units as you like, as long as they remain within 180 feet of each other, ensuring your home, pool, and yard will function as one well orchestrated audio system. The Synergy Pro is produced in luxury materials with top grain leather handles and beautifully finished aluminum accessories, creating the perfect addition to any occasion.

Available no later than end of May. For order reservations please contact


Wine/Flower/Ice holder
Warm Yellow Light
Bluetooth Speaker
Unlimited pairing Function


35PRO €129
50PRO €169
65PRO €229


35PRO 24 cm (Ø) x 41.2 cm (H)
50PRO 31.7 cm (Ø) x 56.3 cm (H)
65PRO 41 cm (Ø) x 71.3 cm (H)